Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

This is not a book from my grandfather's shelf, but I must add it; its voice must be heard. I picked it up because I had read another book by this author in a book club and came across this. I am always intrigued with stories about mothers and daughters. In part this is due to my lack of a mother and the fact that life continues anyway, bound by the lack of love and freed by the love I find in other places and people. My story is not so unusual, but this story is. I have wondered myself what my mother's real story is; what caused her to fear love. This story delves into a distant mother's story. She had been cold and distant from her daughters and despite that, with the urging of their loving father, the daughters attempt to get to know her anyway...to throw grace out and see what happens.

And oh the story that is uncovered amidst the snow both literally and figuratively.There is no way that you can read this tale and not be deeply affected by it; by a story you may have never heard before. It will haunt you...The story is based on the siege of Leningrad during WW11. We all know of the devastation and ripple affect of that war, but I had never really heard the story from a Russian living in Leningrad at that time. All of a sudden I am grateful for my cup of water; for my ability to smile. The loss...

I urge you to learn of this story, if not in this book, research it on your own. It will not make you smile, but that doesn't matter. Some stories need to be told anyway, most stories do because in the grand scheme of the whole world, understanding heals people.


  1. i love hearing your perspective on life. i love that you have so many layers...and i'm grateful for our friendship, so i can continue to discover new layers. great post.

  2. Sarah, you have me intrigued, I'm going to read this! I would like to believe I am accepting and forgiving and yet I still feel a sense of loss due to the disparity between the relationship I desire to have with my mom and the one we have now. I do understand her much more and the decisions she has made in life when I remember her story, her life, her struggles. I love hearing people's stories... it helps me love them more deeply!