Monday, November 22, 2010

To Care/The Promise

I just picked up The Promise again waiting for something to spark my interest enough to write about. I completed a few paragraphs and was ready to begin. You really have to love a book like that; a book that urges deeper thinking. The main character, Reuven is a college student working towards becoming a Rabbi. He is having trouble with a professor that seems to be dark and lonely. The professor has been in the war, but as a prisoner rather than a soldier. He has different views than Reuven about Judaism and laws. Reuven is beginning to harbor bad feelings towards the professor but he does not sit in that long. He wants to know more; he cares enough about other human beings to want to know more. Reuven goes to a library and looks up the many books the professor has written and begins to read them. It is here when I stopped to write. How many times are we troubled by someone and we sit there in that place of frustration and go no further? To care enough to attempt understanding, well that leads to peace. Just a thought for us all.

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  1. so true. i was listening to a message today and the speaker said, respect is earned...honor is freely given. i think that goes a long way towards peace as well. good stuff!